WOL Chapter Eight

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8.     Beginnings

She felt herself smile at the sight her eyes conjured. She was standing on the three-foot wall with metal railing on the top of it. The cool metal touched her skin through the thin material of her clothes, protected her stance. The city before her eyes was illuminated with lights, looked calm and serene. The hubbub the city was known for wasn’t visible anymore as she felt a sense of tranquility settle her just by watching the sight before her eyes. Her eyes closed, she took a deep breath and filled her lungs with the fresh scent of night phlox, rejuvenating her senses with its distinct perfume that smells of fresh vanilla.

Her arms opened on her own accord, as her head fell back, her eyes closed, a smile playing on her lips as she embraced the wind that played with her senses, the night that calmed her anxiousness and Mother Nature for acting as true mother, cocooning her child in her embrace at times of distress.

The music that played in her ears now reduced to slow beats, as she heard her own rhythmical heart beats. However, the tranquility of the moment was shattered when she felt a grip on her wrist, strong and firm, and she was startled out of her senses when she felt a sudden pull…

Her feet slipped, she felt her heart beat rise alarmingly as she expected a fall, the cool breeze ruffled her hair, as her eyes closed, and an audible gasp escaped her lips. However the fall she expected never came. Her hands curled around a thin material of cloth, her face buried in someone’s crook of the neck, her breath fanning someone’s neck, her eyes shut tightly from the fear of falling, it took some time for her to realize that she was safe, nestled in someone’s arms…

Her eyes fluttered open as she parted her face and tilted it to face the owner of the arms that carried her now, and the sight she was faced with made her widen her eyes, as she came face to face with a pair of chocolate brown eyes, that had a golden flecks to their irises, that intimidated her.

Her eyes traveled down to find the arrogant nose, the lips that bowed at the center, the tightly clenched jaw, the Adams apple that bobbed, with restlessness or anger, she couldn’t fathom…

Her eyes traveled down further only to notice her own fingers curling around the white shirt crumpling it, which made her loosen her grip at once. The sudden moment might have took him by surprise, or let him loose his balance, that explains how she felt a slip on his grip, and without a second thought, her hands went around his neck only to clutch him for her dear life.

Her eyes rose to meet his eyes, as she felt her face on the level of his face now. She looked into his eyes that looked into her own hazels unblinking. Her eyes lowered as she felt uncomfortable under the scrutinizing gaze, and her gaze fell on the arms that wrapped around her petite form and carried her in air, and that was when she realized she was still being carried in the arms of a stranger.

She bit her lips as she lowered her eyes and said the next set of words in a barely audible whisper “Put me down”

She waited for a beat before she felt the loosening of the grip around her waist, and her legs felt the floor, and she gathered herself to find her footing. She raised her eyes ever so slowly to find her hands still locked around his neck, which made her take her hands back in a jiffy. She felt the loose grip of his hands on her waist, that scorched her skin under the alien touch. She took a step back which made his hands fall off from her waist, to his sides. Her eyes remained lowered with her gaze obstinately fixed at her shows. Her heart fluttered when she saw his feet take a step towards her. She took a step back almost unconsciously, as a strange sense of nervousness crept into her. She saw him cover the distance between them slowly and took another step, and another, until her back came into contact with the cool metal railing that made her gasp and take an unconscious step forward, away from the sudden chillness only to bump into his taut chest. She tried to take a step back but then she was cornered by then. She turned her right to get away but saw his hand grip the metal railing that prevented her to escape. She turned her left but saw his hand extended again, blocking her. And when she rose her eyes now, she not only witnessed the golden flecks in those brown eyes but the anger that simmered in them as she felt a harsh whisper against her face, the words hitting her “Who are you?”

* * *

He pressed his right ear, which must have turned tomato red by now, all thanks to his ex turned friend’s interrogation about how India was and how was he doing, and for god knows what reasons, these simple queries took an hour-long for her to ask. He recalled hearing Hi Vicky after which he only heard blah, blah and blah.

“Girls,” he muttered “Why do they talk so much?”

He could still feel the pounding of his poor ears and the reverberating voice of her voice  as he walked along the empty corridors which led to his room.

His legs stopped at the guest room as he stared at it incredulously. Why the hell was it so silent, when there are two girls in it? The light flooding through the room and the door that was left ajar were screaming that the girls aren’t asleep. To confirm to himself that he wasn’t dreaming, he knocked on the door with a soft “Hello ladies” as he opened the door, only to be transfixed by the sight he was presented with.

* * *

“Who are you?” the question made her flutter her eyes towards him and he observed the shimmering fear in her eyes, and that made his fist tighten around the metal railing.

His nerves throbbed as he felt a wave of fresh anger hit him. And her lowering gaze and not meeting his eyes were proof enough of his conclusions. If it weren’t a woman, he would’ve reacted differently, but since morals were imbibed in his blood, he fisted his hand, until his knuckles turned white.

“If you’re so interested in ending your life, there are so many places out there and my home isn’t certainly one of them” his harsh whisper might have startled her that would explain her widened eyes, and her body turning rigid.

“No, I—” he heard her voice speak now, and he raised a finger at her, shutting her up.

“Save your reasons to someone who’s willing to be your prince charming miss. I am not interested in your explanations.” He paused and took a once over at her. “Who the hell had let you in my property anyway, SECURITY!” his voice boomed and she flashed her eyes at him suddenly feeling angry.

Whatever peace of mind she’d gathered in the past few minutes crushed brutally as she was hit with raw humiliation.

She wasn’t someone who got angry over anything, particularly if the other person isn’t someone who mattered to her, but the moment she felt the disgusted gaze of his on her body, analyzing her like a cheap attention seeker, and when his words hit her, hinting at her intruding into his personal property, she felt the leftovers of her patience snap. Nobody just nobody talked to her like that, and this man whosoever he was if messed up with her, and thought she would keep her mouth shut listening to the crap he threw at her, he had another thing coming.

“Look mister” she cut him, keeping her anger in check “Just so as you know a person can’t obviously wait for you to notice and walk all the way to cover the distance and come to me and rescue. If I really want to suicide, I’d need a beat”

She’d seen his hands curl into a fist, and she could practically hear the tightening of his muscles but she was unperturbed “And just so as you know the wall was barely three feet tall but the metal railing was another one and half feet tall, which means it would practically protect me from falling. It was you who acted as an intruder and tried to act as a Prince charming” she said air quoting the last word.

She saw him take a menacing step towards her but she continued without as much as a blink “As of I intruding in your property, I am a guest here, and I am surprised to know that guests are treated with such respect at your place. I must admit, quite a nice way. In fact unique in its own kind—” her words hung in the air as she saw him turn his back to her and stride away without as much as a glance at her and bang the door behind him.

She looked at his retreating back, and the door that was now banged shut, with scrunched eyebrows, She didn’t need super brains to guess who he was, of course this must be Maan. He was a replica of the Rajat Khurana she watched in the portraits after all. He got the same magnetic eyes, and same towering personality, although the charm of his deceased father wasn’t something he inherited. There was an air of arrogance around him, which made her sick in the stomach. She remembered her own words saying that she liked his name moments ago with Laasya aunty. However, she now thought that more than his given name, there’s another four letter word which would go with his personality.

“Brat” she mumbled to herself.

* * *

She walked to her room, as she lost the mood of reading a book, or doing anything for that matter. She wasn’t sure if she could hold the simmering anger inside her without going to him and giving him a long lecture. She didn’t know why she couldn’t stomach the humiliation. She never was subjected to such direct scathing verbal attacks probably. Yes, she had been through bitter things in her life, but not this. This was something new to her, and it coming from someone whom she never knew, and that too for something which wasn’t her fault unnerved her. She reached her room while she was at cursing him mentally, and when she was about to enter their room, something caught her attention, that stopped her at the door step and the next minute she stepped into shadows, as she felt her heart beat rise. Assuring that she wasn’t noticed, she slowly peeped inside to ensure herself that she wasn’t dreaming.

There was Vicky, on his knees, beside the bed, with his eyes fixated at a sleeping Tweesha. His hand was in the tight clasp of Tweesha who was sleeping with his hand sandwiched between her hands which in turn were below her cheeks. Vicky on the other hand was a man transfixed. He looked like a man possessed with his gaze unwavering from the sleeping beauty before him.

From the little she’d known him, and from what she thought her ability to read a person, she could say this wasn’t the person she met in the morning. All sense of his playfulness gone, as he stared at the sleeping woman before him with an unfathomable expression on his countenance. But one thing was clear; the eyes that always held an amused glint when Tweesha was near him weren’t the same now. Can she dare to call the feeling in his eyes reverence?

She heard Tweesha mumble something in her sleep, an expletive she concurred. However instead of cringing, she saw a smile on his face, which made her own lips pull down into one. She felt her head fall back against the wall as she watched the couple before her, feeling a warm sensation in the pit of her stomach. Her initial deduction that there were some undercurrents between them seems to be true all along.

Now she could almost see everything that happened between those two since morning in a different light. She couldn’t miss the moment between them at the railway station, nor could she miss the annoyance in Tweesha’s eyes when he held her hand for a handshake. She could figure that she was irked when she bit out his name. Vivan Singh Khurana.

Wait, Vivan Singh Khurana. Why that name does sounded familiar? She closed her eyes and pressed her fingers against her forehead. Where had she heard it?

Opening her eyes, she looked at the man before her again, as she felt a sudden flash of something.

And then she remembered. Vivan Singh Khurana. The pieces of puzzle finally fitted as she felt her hand fled to her mouth, as she gasped inaudibly. This must be Vicky.

* * *



3 thoughts on “WOL Chapter Eight

  1. Maan’s reaction to geet’s falling was insync with his character.
    Awwww so vicky is enchanted by tweety.
    Can’t wait to read how vicky fits in geet’s story.

  2. Uh-oh!
    trouble trouble…
    Maan is that wounded beast.. isn’t he?
    Bravo Geet!
    I had met this fierce Geet ..back in TPOD.. When she confronted Sameer about Naina
    And now she is back:p
    Vicky is knocked out by Tweety ..literally
    PS – The BG from JA was very apt…

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