WOL Chapter Twenty Four

24.   Fading Music

Music Selection : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abVLz752iwM

She walked along the empty corridors of Khurana Mansion visibly shaken up. It was easy, she thought, and it had been until she was done, until she wrote her thoughts out. It was fine, really when she was a narrator. She had been okay with describing the scenes of a distant past, however when she had re read it after sending the mail to the competition organizers, had it really sunk into her brain.

This time when she read the words she herself had written, she was taken into an alternate world, when she was standing under the showers of heaven, witnessing the couple that parted ways before her eyes. She had vowed then she wouldn’t see both of them ever again, she mutely prayed back then because she didn’t have it in her to see two broken souls, however fate had another plans…

She stopped walking at the entrance of a room, which had been locked from outside. It was the only room in the entire corridor, and the windows that were partly open to its side had given her, a peek to the vast expanse of the room through the dim lighting that now creeps up into the room through the lighting in the corridors.

She touched the lock of the door and opened it, and why she did so, was beyond her. She felt a connection, a sudden pull towards the room, and hence she had stumbled inside before switching on the lights only to have a huge ballroom in front of her eyes.

She walked to the centre of the room, a surge of emotions overwhelming her. She looked at her feet that were parted a little, the toes of hers, twitching. She kneeled on the floor and touched the cold marble flooring. This…was something familiar to her. Something familiar in this estranged world…

Memories flooded…overwhelmed and choked her. On a similar floor had she practiced the dance form she worshipped with Naina…

On a similar platform had they shared so many memories…so much so that after Naina’s disappearance, she had quit dancing…

She felt the soul in her dance amiss, every time she attempted to dance without her companion… she felt herself being distracted, losing the rhythm, the beat or simply the feel…

It had been four years since she  quit dancing and after four years when she finally did, it was on her first day here… on the balcony that opened up from the library… the day when she met him…

She closed her eyes as a drop or two of her tears fell on the cold floor. Standing up on her feet, she had closed her eyes as she felt a rush of memories…everything that included her…Naina…

She closed her ears with her hands, wanting to shut the voice out…that contagious laughter away…shut the eyes of Sameer who looked at Naina that way when he thought no one noticed him…

Hours passed or mere minutes she knew not… when the voices in her head subsided, she removed her hands from her ears, her eyes still closed. Her heartbeat became normal now, though her breathing still shallow…

A sudden bout of wind surged in wafting the chime of fortune bells somewhere… the whoosh of wind caressed her curls and comforted her being.

The silent music of Mother Nature was the only thing she heard as her hands raised on her own accord over her head, her right feet moving behind her left, to rest on its toes, forming a classic contemporary posture.

Her hands cut the air, her body shifting smoothly and swiftly with every move, every turn, flawlessly. She was lost in the music that her heart sung…the music that bought memories…that music which gave her everything she cherished and eschewed.

Her body bent back, low, until her head touched the floor, her body curved up, with only her toes touching the other end… a sudden twist of her body, a magical glide on the floor, a jump with her hands stretched, touching her toes, a landing that was only too smooth to muster… she danced until her tears flew, blurring her vision, until her heart ached from the pent up feelings, until her heel twisted, making her fall on the floor…

This time she didn’t stop the tears, as sobs erupted, shaking her petite body, and she kept repeating one phrase she had deep in her heart but never voiced out. “I miss you Naina, come back please”

Unbeknown to her, he stood at the door, behind the safe shelter of the doors that shielded the vision of him from her eyes. His hands fisted as the words he threw to her, about her intruding on his vulnerable moments bounced back to him, thousand times painful and harsher…

He knew then that he wasn’t the only one who carried ghosts of the past… and the sudden knowledge had made him take a step towards her, wanting to undo everything that she was facing…

And only when he stepped away from the shadows into her direct vision had the thought stuck him clear in his gut and he stopped, as realization painful as a vile stuck him. He turned his back and walked away not wanting to start caring for someone all over again…

He left her to her tears and walked away, wanting to walk much farther, so much so that the beating of his heart to her tears would subside…and the concern he felt for her would fade away.

Taking his mobile, he called his PA, only to have got his call received in two rings.

“Book my ticket to Mumbai. I am going back” he said in phone before disconnecting it.

He didn’t care about the distinct “Maan Sir—” his PA spoke.

He wanted to go away from this place as soon as possible…go away from her as soon as possible…after all he couldn’t afford the doors of his heart to open…not for anyone…not for himself…and least of all for her…


4 thoughts on “WOL Chapter Twenty Four

  1. I know the more important than issue is Geet is hurt, but Maan is going away?
    Okay he may not actually run away, and but still he considered it.
    Why oh why is it so easy for us to run away from and hide?
    Maan is doing a nothing extraordinary here to, he is being human.
    Which is what I don’t know like?
    When will we understand that facing something head on is a much better than solution?
    Humans, even the simplest and tiniest of them are complicated I tell you

    1. For a person like him who values his control, if and when the control snaps and he goes out of character, caring for someone, it would obviously push him away…
      And yes humans are complicated, that’s what makes us endearing isn’t it?

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