I Want Just You


FYI: This is a continuation of sorts to the OS A Birthday Celebration

I want Just You

She cleared her throat for the fifth time. She had a bad feeling that her throat would lose its natural charm with the enormous amount of throat clearing and fake coughing. But oh well, what else to be done to get someone out of their musings? If it were Geet, her colleague and best friend who was lost in her dreamland, she would have gladly shaken her out of her life, and would have emptied cool water on her head but you see it wasn’t Geet her best friend who was lost in dreamland with wide eyes this time. Surprisingly it was her boss, Mr. Maan Singh Khurana.

Mariam angled her head to a side and considered various “things” that can be done with him when he was like this…clearly not in his senses. She glanced at her handsome boss whose eyes were glazed. She rose herself on her toes to peep inside his shirt wondering if he wore a black vest. Many girls preferred shirtless men but for some strange reason, she didn’t wish to see men in their half naked attire, but liked it when they were in a vest. Preferably, black vest. Though she had photoshopped her hot boss’ face on top of a television actor who always wore black vest, she still wondered if she could get a quick sneak peak into the insides of his shirt. But knowing what a terror her boss can be when he was in his predator mood, she disappointedly gave away her fantasies to gutter and cleared her throat again.

No response.

She was frustrated now. He had to attend a meeting in what ten minutes, but here he was dreaming with open eyes. Though she was curious what or whom was he dreaming about, she put her off the curiosity and not knowing how else to bring him back to present, she banged her files on the table before him, making him jump out of his chair in alarm.

His sudden movement made her jump a little too, and as she met his confused gaze, she found it hard to control a giggle. She bit her lips as she saw his truly bemused eyes looking around them wondering what had just happened.

“What happened?” she heard him ask and it took all of her resolve to continue pressing her lips to a thin line. She of course pinched herself at her thighs since she and her boss were standing to the opposite sides of the table and he wouldn’t see her means to stop herself from laughing.

“I asked what had just happened Miss. Mariam?” he asked a little irritated now.

Oops, the predator is back, she thought in her head.

“We are to attend a meeting in five minutes Sir,” came the stiff reply of the girl and he half wanted to roll his eyes.

He considered her for a moment. Lavender blouse with black pencil fit skirt, high pony, and an angular face. She was a beauty. If only she had let go of her stiffness a little. It gave him a feeling as if he belonged to the Victorian era and she would curtsy to him any minute now.

 “Alright I will be there” he said and saw her give a nod, and step back. He waited with a bated breath for her next move, but she simply walked away and closed the door behind her. Thank god, she didn’t curtsy.

When she left her room, he fell back in his chair and closed his eyes and saw the incident that happened in the office pantry today. And he shuddered.

Damn the Geet Handa, he cursed and stormed off to the conference room, wanting to put her thoughts off his head, for once since the morning.

* * *

“Guess what guess what guess what Geet” she heard the excited voice of Madhu from finance department in the lunch break and averted her gaze from her annoying PC to her close friend.

“Horn okay please” Geet said showing a hand to a panting Madhu making her eyebrows scrunch in confusion.

“Horn what?”

“Horn okay please. It is written behind trucks in our Hoshiyarpur. It is meant to indicate slow down dear child” Geet replied sagely making Mariam, who just entered the room slap her forehead with the files in her hand with a grin.

Trust Geet with her weird explanations.

If someone needed a taste for madness, they need to be sent to Geet Handa, Personal secretary of Maan Singh Khurana, Khurana constructions.

And now with Madhu present in the cabin, it is a call for double madness.

“Anyway what is the reason for your excitement dear child?” Geet asked with a tilt of her head to Madhu.

“MK is in love” Madhu squealed excited.

Mariam pressed her lips to control another giggle. A wise man told about gossip travelling faster than air and transforming on its course. Seemed true. The simple truth of Maan Khurana, their over strict boss day dreaming has already transformed to him being in love when it reached Geet. She wondered what the news would be at the end of the day? That MK married and fathered two children? Damn. She definitely needed to go to yoga classes to control showing certain emotions which included laughter.

She looked at Geet to gauge her reaction for the news, but Geet simply relaxed on her chair and flexed her fingers as she replied lazily “And I am Queen Victoria”

There was a moment of silence before the room was filled in with giggles.

“You don’t believe it do you?” Madhu asked still giggling.

“Which girl can be that blind after all” Geet replied yawning.

“Actually it’s not the question of being blind” Mariam countered, showing another reason why she was a debate champion at college. “You see he is good looking so the girl can’t be blind just that she must be…”

“…Dumb” Geet completed and there was another round of giggling.

“You actually are painting him to be too bad” Madhu said after a moment of thought. “He does not seem all bad to me”

“Work with him for a week”

“Please swap places with me for a while”

Both Mariam and Geet spoke once and ended up hi-fying each other.

While Madhu rolled her eyes at them and wondered about the imaginary girl friend of MK, Geet asked Mariam the obvious question.

“What actually happened?”

“MK was daydreaming”

“Wondering about how to deliver the presentation perhaps?”

“I considered that” nodded Mariam “But he won’t be deep immersed in the presentation so much so that he would almost miss the meeting where he needs to deliver it”

“I think the girl is from our own office. May be that explains his eagerness to come to office everyday and work till late nights without even Monday blues” wondered Madhu, whom Mariam and Geet ignored.

“In all honesty he might as well scheming new plans to torture me who knows” Geet replied to Mariam, and then suddenly they saw Madhu leaping on to her feet clapping her hand to her mouth.

“I figured it out finally” Madhu squealed looking delighted and excited.

“Er what?” Mariam asked dubiously.

“I figured out who the girl is”

Geet rolled her eyes. “And who is the non existent girl?”


* * *

Maan looked out of the window of his office, his stomach a jumble of nerves. He was unable to get the scene out of his mind. He still remembered how he walked into office pantry this morning, immersed in his thoughts, and how he came across Geet whose back was facing him.

Dressed in a baby blue salwar suit, she was humming something making herself a cup of coffee. He crossed his arms and leaned against the door watching her. After all a silent Geet is hard to find. She was either always talking or…talking.

When he tried to register simple details about her face, and how squeaky her voice was…it was then in those blissful moments had he heard her utter the word. A cuss word. And he was damned after that.

He wasn’t a man who was a chauvinist. He had acquaintances in females who not only cussed but turned the pure air to blue, but Geet… he hadn’t expected.

Moreover, the sentence she had uttered, it was more of someone disclosing their innermost desires to someone to have sexual pleasure with them. That was put in a sentence and he was pole axed to hear her repeat it over and over again.

His surprise has turned into worry as he thought about it. Geet was too dumb or innocent for that matter to have known the disgusting language. It might have been someone who would have uttered instead but that meant even more trouble. Was someone troubling her?

His mind wandered to the past two weeks when he observed a change in Geet. She who had waited even on her birthday all the night for him to finish his work had escaped work at sharp 5 in the evening. Twice.

She also had been hiding things from him, he observed. He saw her fumble and minimize tabs in her PC, when he called her on her phone, and watched her through the glass that separated their cabins.

Now that he thought about it, he had remembered more of her weird persona over the past weeks. Having her cabin blinds closed for a longer time, leaving the office alone, unlike going home with Mariam, her room mate… everything only confused him.

It only led him to one conclusion of his; that she was being harassed by someone. Most probably, the harassment was sexual.

His blood boiled as the fleeting thought passed his mind. He would kill the bas***d and drink his blood if that was the case, and Geet, he would deal with her too if he realized he had kept secrets from him. Damn it doesn’t she know she just need to tell him and he would solve anything for her? There was no reason for her to endure this…whatever this was.

He raked a hand through his hair as he paced through his cabin and deciding, he finally picked up his receiver and dialed extension to her…to Geet.

* * *

“He is going to call you”

Geet hear Madhu mumble. Even Mariam seemed to have been agreeing with this…madness; that their boss Jackass Singh Khurana was smitten by her. Yeah, as if!

Right now she was peeping through the closed blinds into their boss’ cabin, with Madhu and Mariam on her either side watching Maan end his pacing along the length and breath of the room and pick up his receiver.

“He is going to call you to his cabin and then…” Madhu’s gaze turned dreamy.

“…he lashes out at me?” Geet supplied.

Madhu glared at her. “You’re a killjoy Geet. He is going to propose you”

Geet snorted.

Madhu opened her mouth to say something but swallowed it and waited for a beat. “Okay why not agree to a bet if you’re so confident? If he is not going to be romantic in the cabin there… I am going to stop reciting shayris”

Mariam dropped the files she was holding. Madhu and Shayris lived hand in hand. She giving up on them is like politicians giving up on fake promises.

“And in case if I am right…” Madhu drawled.

“Then I will give up on my favorite TV show” Geet challenged, making Mariam drop the files again, which she recollected a moment ago.

As a cue, the phone in her cabin rung and she lifted the receiver, her eyes still on her two best friends.

“Geet Handa speaking”

“Into my cabin now, Miss Handa” she heard the voice of her jackass boss.

* * *

Geet stood watching her boss’ back. While he was looking out from the large window that overlooked Delhi traffic, facing his back to him, she stood there, shifting her weight on her feet. Many a time she thought to ask him if she could sit, but every time she was going to; her eyes darted towards her left to find Mariam and Madhu peeping towards them through the blinds.

And then she saw Madhu crossing her hands indicating her not to mess everything up.

She made a face and turned to look back at her boss’ wide back which thinned down to a V at the end of his waist. Quite good structure, she must admit.

“How long have this been happening?” she heard his boss without turning to look at her, and she jumped out of her skin.

Wait, he had eyes at his back too, how did he know she was checking him out? Damn.

“I asked how long Geet” his voice raised though he didn’t turn to look at her.

“Twenty” she blurted out and closed her eyes in embarrassment. Oh wait, why should she be embarrassed anyway, it’s not like she had a choice. She was summoned to his chamber twenty minutes back and made to look at his back, so what was wrong if she utilized the time and was checking him out?

Upon the self assurance she gave herself, her petulant chin was back to its defiant self as she looked at him, defensive.

He turned to look at her alarmed. Twenty days? Twenty days since she was enduring this torture. Why?

“Why?” his voice was just above a whisper and there was hurt in his voice.

She looked at him and lowered her gaze. Why was he hurt anyway? Did it make him feel uncomfortable? Did he feel violated? But she was just staring, she did nothing. Surely, it was no harm.

“I don’t have another option” she mumbled feeling a little guilty.

Her eyes were lowered so she was surprised when she felt finger under her chin, lifting her face up, making her meet his gaze.

When the hell did he cover the distance between them? He did walk fast and noiselessly, she noticed.

“Don’t say that” his words touched her face as his gaze turned soft “Please don’t” he said tucking a wayward curl of hers behind her ear and she felt stars dancing around her head.

“You always have options Geet. You have me”

She gazed into his eyes and when his words sunk in with full force she jumped back alarmed. What does he mean by she can have him? He didn’t mean that… certainly not. He couldn’t. Of course. How can he?

For god’s sake, why will he offer his virginity to her when she was having fun just checking him out? The man was too kind for his own good.

“That is not needed” she said hastily and tried to move away when she felt his grip around her wrist.

“Geet you aren’t going out of this cabin with the worries burdening you. I promise I will undo—”

“You need not undo anything” Geet said mortified and casted a nervous glance towards her friends whose eyes were wide, looking at his grip on her wrist. Thank god, that they can’t hear anything due to the soundproof glass. Else, they would have had a heart attack by now.

“For God’s sake there are people watching” she whispered. Surely, he can’t plan to undo his clothes in this cabin, where there are audience for him. Damn it.

“People? Watching?” his face grew serious. “So it was more than one person?” his voice turned cold as he gripped his arms.

She gestured with her palm behind her back, shaking it violently, asking them to go away. She just hoped they will understand and move away before he would notice them and fire them.

“Tell me Geet” he pulled her closer with his hands gripping her shoulder “How many are involved in this?”

What was she supposed to say that? How many were involved? In what? In drooling over him? Umm… wasn’t the list too big to mention? Surely every female in the office, every unmarried one has soft spot for him, and every girl who was aware of business news and identified him might have had crush on him. How was she to know how many liked him? What was he trying to prove? That he had millions of followers? Damn the man to hell and back.

“Look do whatever you want, I am not interested in this nonsense”

She was about to walk away from him and she would have, only if he had not took her hand and kept it on his head. “Swear on me”

“W-What” she muttered, as she tried to free her hand from over his head.

“Swear on me Geet”

She looked at his truthful eyes to her trembling hand on his head. What was the man up to? He was confusing her.

“What do you want?” she asked with a broken voice.

He seemed to have melted with her tone as he removed her hand from his head and gathered her close.

“Names. Their names”

“You ought to be kidding me. How can I recite millions of names? Surely there might be millions of people who drool over you. How can I tell you all those names? You have thought over new methods to torture me. Haven’t you?”

For a moment he seemed pole axed but then he gave her a bemused look.

“Names of whom?” he told to himself and upon her stubborn look he muttered again “I was asking the names of people who were harassing you…” his voice dropped to a notch “…sexually”

There was a moment of stunned silence before he heard a screech. “WHAT”


“You were…” he trailed off not knowing why she was furious. Embarrassed, sad, depressed, these were the reactions he expected. Not furious. Not on him. God damn it, he was trying to help.

“What were you repeating like a parrot on the pantry this morning?” he demanded. Upon her silence, he shook her until her teeth rattled.

And then she started screeching; those horrible lines, that too in a tune, that too in her squeaky voice.

“I want fakht you
I want fakht you
Baby I want fakht you”

“See” he said pointing as he achieved something “See this is what I was referring to”

“What!” Geet asked rattled beyond words. “You were doing this drama to know what song I was humming, if you like it so much why don’t you get a CD of joker yourself instead of troubling me?”


“Yeah of course, song from my Akki’s new movie Joker. You need to remind me of the movie again? Damn it. I have escaped office early twice this week only to watch the movie but something or the other came up. And I mollified myself saying that I would watch it this Sunday, and was waiting for Sunday eagerly living humming those songs, but you” she accused a finger at him “You had to remind me of all this and” she averted her gaze towards the blinds were Mariam and Madhu weren’t there. Thankfully.

“You also made me give up my favorite TV show for the drama you created. Aargh. Can I just throw this flower vase on your head?”

Upon his confused expression she stomped off the room, not before telling him that she would attack his home to watch her favorite TV show if she lost the bet.

Though he didn’t understand what the bet was or what the heck was the TV show, he couldn’t help but let a smile on his face.

Later that evening, when he got her in the lift alone, he asked her out of curiosity “What does that fa-fa-fa- whatever the word means?”

“Just” she bit out before walking away.

“It means I want just you

He grinned as the doors closed. He couldn’t agree more to the lines.

* * *




15 thoughts on “I Want Just You

  1. Entertaining story ..even amidst all the fun maan nd geet were so in character .maan being caring towards geet and geet her usual bubbly mood.

    1. These two are my favorites too. I’ve always wanted to write series of one shots with two characters in an office setting with all cosmos conspiring against them to make their life comical 😀

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