WOL Chapter Twenty Eight

28.  Stirred

Thunders reverberated in the night sky. The inky black sky was lightened up by the occasional lightening. Skies were pouring that night as he stood by the tall window in the lone hospital corridor, trying a number over and over again.

Vicky’s number…

…It was to intimate the heart attack of their mother.

…His mother.

He fisted his hand around the mobile as he stared into the night sky, seeking answers to questions that always haunt him.

But that night a voice haunted him…

A voice that gave him answers he never wanted to hear, the answers which bruised his ego with their truthfulness, a voice that belonged to the girl. Geet.

She had said that she was sorry she had bought his mother right in time. She believed he meant what he said to his mother, when he spoke he never wanted to see her face again.

Only if she knew what he meant.

There was another thunder in the sky jolting him out of his musings. He redialed his brother’s number, hoping at least now there would be some network coverage and he could reach out to him.

All mobile networks were temporarily down due to the overwhelming rain and it would be a miracle if he could get into contact with Vicky…

As he waited for the call to get connected, his gaze dropped to the amulet around his wrist and the tiny tinkering bell that is now stuck to it. He raised his arm to touch the little embellishment that got stuck to the black thread around his wrist.

His scrunched eyebrows eased as he realized whom it belonged to. It was that girl’s.

The automated tone indicating the lack of network coverage from his phone made him snap out of his thoughts and made him push his mobile into his pocket.

As he stood here watching the heavy rain from the large glass window, he couldn’t help but to reflect about what he had said to his mother. And the events that followed.

He felt his fist clench as he remembered the moment he received a call which said his mother had an attack. Only he knew what went through him then. Only he knew how much his heart hammered when he travelled all the way from Mumbai, only he knew what he felt when he saw her in the ICCU lying motionless.

Only he knew…

He felt something on his cheek and touched his hand discreetly.


Might be the rain, he thought looking back at the downpour.

He might have been angry on his mother for the mistake she had done ages ago, may be he still is. Yet, he wouldn’t wish for any ill touching her. He had lost too many people already, and he can’t afford losing her.

Tucking his hands in his pocket, he walked towards ICCU where his mother was resting.

It was a mild heart attack, the doctors told him. And since she was bought to the hospital at the right time, and was revived, she was more stable now.

They had advised to retain her in ICCU for the night while she would be shifted to one of the private recovery rooms where she can be observed for another 24 hours to stabilize her vitals.

He had reached the door of the room and opened it, but froze in his steps as a sight, not unusual but special had greeted him.

There was Geet sitting on the floor near the bed, with her head resting on the bed, her hand holding his mother’s hand was sleeping. He had seen the sleeping form of his mother, who looked a lot peaceful in her sleep, and his gaze shifted to Geet, whose face still held dry tear marks.

He felt a shift in his heart at the picture they presented. There was a tiny missed beat in his heart at the sight he beheld.

He raised his wrist to find the tiny embellishment which belonged to the dupatta of that girl, and unknowingly caressed it.

He could’ve walked inside, he had the right to. But he didn’t. Somewhere he didn’t want to tamper the picture they painted…

So he closed the door as he walked back. But before leaving his hand raised and touched the glass that overlooked the two woman.

The very two woman who meant nothing to him…

Yes, they mean nothing to him…

… or so he thought.




9 thoughts on “WOL Chapter Twenty Eight

  1. Men! I tell you.
    Agar wetness ho tho baarish ka asar hain.
    Kyun janaab aapke tear glands ko operate karke nikaal diya hain ya phir congenitally absent hain.
    Oh I know what is congenitally absent. It’s called brain!
    He doesn’t care for them.
    Bullshit again!
    Love you Didu

  2. Aww maan is such a doll 😉
    It’s not tears, it’s rain.
    It’s not that I care about them, they r just two ppl. Ha ha ha
    Dil ke behlane ko ghalib ye khayal acha hai.

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