TPOD Chapter Seven

7. Winds Of Change

He raised his face to the inky black sky and saw the birds that flew over his head. It was somewhere past midnight and before early in the morning, he concurred. He raised the bottle to his lips, and the warm liquid slipped through his throat, his bobbing Adam’s apple, the only witness.

Throwing the bottle away in the soft sands of the beach, he swung his leg over his Harley Davidson.

After three days of road trip from Delhi, after crossing villages, towns, and princely cities of Rajasthan, touching every part of rural India in his wake, he reached the city.

He smiled as he revved his engine, along the empty streets, and as he curved the road, he leaned in forward to do an endo on his bike, raising the rear tires of the bike, and driving it carefully only on the front wheel.

“Aye Aye Goa, Here I come” Andy’s welcoming voice wafted over Goa’s winds…


“I don’t believe this” Tweesha said edging on her seat. “One hell of a match this is, how can I miss these series before” she mumbled a curse and shook her head burying it in her palms.

Looking at her right, she saw Naina’s tongue sticking to the corner of her mouth as she was busy playing angry birds.

“Oww” Naina said rubbing her head, where she was just slapped.

“What did I do to deserve the slap?”

“Ignoring the match. It’s the biggest sin you could ever commit”

Naina’s eyes searched over the auditorium with an unmistakable curiosity.

“Searched. Not a single interesting guy. Going back to Angry birds captain” Naina mock saluted making Tweesha roll her eyes.

A sudden cheer from the crowd indicated the resuming of the match after the brief timeout.

Tweesha saw one of her favourite players return and couldn’t help but give a low whistle.

“You go man!” she cheered looking at the tall muscular guy with unruly dark curls. To her left however Geet sat, as she finally found the reason she was asked to come here become clearer.

“Sameer” her whisper died down in the cheer around her yet, she could bet that she saw the flicker of his eyes towards the crowd, which unmistakably stopped at them, and as Geet slowly followed his eyesight, for some unfathomable reason his gaze felt to stop over Naina for a moment longer before he turned his attention on the match at hand.




10 thoughts on “TPOD Chapter Seven

  1. Cherry on the cake…..a new luv interest is about to unravel!
    Sighhhhhhh will I ever get enough of u’r writings….

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