TPOD Chapter Fifteen

15. Maradona

The rains continued pouring in.

Before, every time it had rained, it had made her more at ease for some reason, unlike now when she felt a storm unleashed inside her…

She still could remember the exact minutes she felt his arms around her, the exact seconds they enclosed around her, easing her fears, his violent beating of heart under her ear strangely alleviating her fears until all of her sobs died down, when she felt her hands that were tucked between them were subconsciously clutching at his shirt.

Naina hissed as she let the coffee mug near her lips.

After two injections and a lot cleaning up later, she was walked back home… by him.

All the while, they haven’t exchanged a word.

It was as if the moment never happened, but every time she raised her eyes to his shirt that now bore her blood marks she knew…

Her mother was worried, Meghna was hysteric watching her with bandages, but if they did notice about her being quiet, they didn’t ask any questions.

As she stood by the window, watching the rain silently, she had felt that again…

The strange sensation of being watched…

As a thunder and lightning set off in the sky, she had come across somebody across the street, near the bushes…

He stood there, his blue checked shirt with a blood stain across his chest… his form drenched in rain, but his gaze never leaving hers…

A moment passed or a lifetime, she can’t say…

He raised his elbow and passed a finger towards it and raised his chin as if silently conveying “Does your elbow hurt?”

She shook her head in negative.

He raised a finger towards her indicating “You” and then flattened his palm and tilted his head to indicate “Should go sleep”

Her fingers curled around the handle of the coffee mug, as she thought to answer him, and she did the first thing that came into her mind.

She extended her coffee mug towards his direction as if offering it to him, even though she knew that she was inside her home, and he was across the street.

Something unexpected happened then.

She saw him laugh, shaking his head slightly.

That’s the last she had seen, before he walked away.

She kept staring towards the direction he had walked away for a longer time before turning her back towards the window, only to face the Maradona poster stuck against her closed door.

“I forgive you for laughing at me when I fell down two days back” she whispered to the poster.

“Maybe you aren’t as bad a person as I thought”


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