An Unheard Melody

It is not easy…

To see you walk by

and remain unaffected.

It is not easy

To see you laugh

and refrain my lips to stretch on their own accord

It is not easy

To feel my arms around you

And know that exact seconds before you let go of my embrace

It is not easy 

To stand with you, by you like a shadow

Yet know the invisible wall between us

It is not easy 

To see your eyes fill with love

And have them directed at somebody else

It is not easy 

To love you

And know that you can never love me back the way I do

“A poem?” Arjun, my roommate asked passing a glance over my laptop. He might be crossing the room and came to pick his keys. The gelled hair and the fresh pair of clothes told me he was going to Shreya; his girl friend’s place and most likely not return for the night.

“An attempt” I replied.

“Who’s the muse?” he gives me a dimpled smile.

I smiled back as the only answer.

“Dream girl eh? Secret huh?” he laughed, his rich voice teasing, and I let him do all the teasing and more yet didn’t answer. 

“I got to go man. Shreya must be waiting” he said and picked up his keys waving a goodbye. “But if you ask my opinion Dhruv,” says Arjun his one step already out, but his other one and his concentration totally inside the room, “whom so ever you’ve written the poem for is one lucky girl”

I watch him go as I erase the poem I had just written. The poem served it’s purpose after all. I wanted the person I love to read it, and read he did.

“Lucky man” I correct the words that hung back after Arjun’s departure and smile.


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