How does it feel to wake up one day to be beautiful

How would it feel to have your world titled on its axis at the sudden change 

Would your ego still be considered a strong enough wall 

Or would you be adored despite it 

Would you need to try hard to be nice

Or be nonchalant, yet be attracted to

How does it feel to have all the eyes in a crowded room look at you with adoration

And not with the usual amusement

How does it feel to be told you’re beautiful and have meant​ it


6 thoughts on “Beautiful

  1. It would feel nice I suppose then slowly I would get used to it and then I will get busy in pursuing some other coveted trait. Intelligence, maybe.
    Accha there was this quote I remember reading that when I was young I wanted to be beautiful but now I want to be intelligent.
    Why only outer beauty and intelligence?
    Why not be a kind human being? In fact why not try to be human? Manavta, Insaaniyat they say in Hindi.
    Now I am blabbering. 😅
    Anyways, at the inner beauty is what matters.
    Keep writing dear author ☺

  2. I wonder too, but not how it would feel to wake up once day and be beautiful, but to wake up one day and see the world has begun to give importance to inner beauty more, so any girl/guy wouldn’t have to wonder how it feels to be beautiful…

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