Run Away Bride

A woman in her wedding dress runs away in training shoes

What if one fine night you end up traveling in a truck carrying buffaloes, which would make you wish you never had the sense to smell. What if you are due catching a flight, which is a life and death situation for you, and what if in this not so romantic scenario, you are accompanied by a beautiful chocolate brown eyed stranger who is all set to make your life miserable? You might have felt exactly like him. Meet him to know the tragedy of his life which would tickle your funny bone…

* * *

Chapter One – Run Away Bride

Chapter Two – A Ghost on the Banyan Tree

Chapter Three –  The Ghost and the Bandit

Chapter Four – The Axe Effect

Chapter Five – Daaku Man-Gal-Sing

Chapter Six – Tina’s Omen

Chapter Seven – Unexpected disclosures

Chapter Eight – Her Story

Chapter Nine – His Story

Chapter Ten – Goodbyes

Chapter Eleven – A New Dawn


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