Fan Fiction

Hey everyone!

This page would have a collection of fan fictions. There is a couple who are my muse and everything which I wrote for them would be dropped here. You could post your requests if you wish to read on any other couples, of course. For now this page is exclusively for Maan and Geet fictions 🙂

Couple : Maan-Geet; Show: Geet

A Birthday Celebration

I want Just You

Unrequited Love

As my eyes conjure a Melody

A Car Ride

Couple : Rishabh-Madhu; Show: Madhubala

It’s the last I would see you…



26 thoughts on “Fan Fiction

    1. Hey Shweta, sorry to say but I lost all my documents and so I can’t provide you Journey right now. However I am working on it and I surely am going to post it here in the blog, though it takes some time 🙂

    1. The song as such isn’t a female only song. You might have remembered so because Geet sings it. It’s even mentioned in that scene that a male singer was also singing along in the background

    1. It’s been quite a long time since I’ve been writing Fan fiction except for completing the existing ones. I would however love to write a couple of one shots on Arnav Khushi as a token of appreciation for all AK fans here in the blog 😉

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