Finished Works

If it wasn’t for the night

Synopsis: A masquerade ball, a stolen poem and a secret dance. This is a story of romance and a little hint of poetry, and a lot of running in the opposite direction.

Finally Found you

Loosely based on Pride and Prejudice, this story is set in modern Rome. Kushal Vaish has pride Sunaina Mishra is prejudiced. Together, they take you for a ride in the beautiful city of Rome.

Torn Pages of a Diary

Sameer Rana was from a humble middle class background, seeking nothing major in life except for little success. When the Basketball tournament offers him a scholarship, that promises a better opportunity to pursue higher education, the sport which was his passion, now becomes his need.

A trip to the quiet city a few hundred kilometers away from his own, he wasn’t expecting much of a surprise, except that life throws him one when he was least expecting. Naina.

When Paths Cross

A date set up by a common friend, and an outing with a niece and nephew. How do two different people, who were not expecting anything but a boring sunday, have their paths cross, and everything change in one day? Read on to find out more…

Run Away Bride

When a run away bride meets Daku Mangal Singh, a hilarious journey awaits them. Their destinations are different, but they aren’t aware that they are in for a ride!

An Ode

Life might not come to a stand still when college ends. But so many other things will. The senior she was used to seeing around and admired from afar will now be gone to his life, and maybe she would never see him again except read a few updates about his life in social media few years down the line. Is it that difficult to let go of a story that never started?

Dream a little Dream

This is the story in the Golden Nineties. Strange how eras change but somethings never do.

First rain, letter from home and first love.

A story of nostalgia, first love and finding love again.

This is the story of a girl like you and I.

Just One day

Just one day, and everything changes…

The girl he was used to seeing around cease to be an acquaintance.

Will just one day, change things for this odd couple?