Short Stories

This is a one stop for all short stories. Click and go 🙂

The Role

Dear Mom…


Just Like Any Other Day…

The Love of His Life

The Moving Train…

The Silence Between us…

The Tidal Sand clock

Mr. Olive Green Tee

Make A Wish…

Touch My Heart

A Story of Her…

On the Sea shore

Dear Lekha…

Home on the range…

Words, Promises and Silences

Sequel to Words, Promises and silences


The Greener grass…

The Tattooed Neighbor

You only Live Twice

An Unheard Melody

The Rescuer

The beginning



Butterfly Kisses

The Challenge

The square shaped heart

Push and Pull

A message from across

With Love, Foodie


Anbe, sugama? (My love, how’re you doing?)

Dear Crush…

Sleeping arrangements

First Cut

The girl in the train

Loved and lost

How to dream in seclusion

From a Mrs. To a Miss

The tag partner

The love that once was

Hey, little girl!


Home is where…

The true tale of princesses

Of emptiness and adventures


The way we once were

Together alone


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