Web Of Love

The heart of the spider web of love wallpaper - 1280x1024

Strangers we are…

Neither friends nor tied in any relationship

Yet we came face to face by the twist of fate…

And ever since we are tangled…

…in a Web Of Love.

* * *

1. A Time Machine

2. Escapade

3. Pages from the past

4. Change in Plans

5. Home coming

6. Re-Union

7. Midnight Vigils

8. Beginnings

9. Tabula Rasa

10. Waltz with Love

11. The Game Begins

12. The Rescuer

13. Damsel in Distress

14. Intruder

15. A Night to Remember – 1

16. A Night to Remember – 2

17. A Night to Remember – 3

18. Panacea

19. Changing Equations

20. Letting Go…

21. Healing Scars

22. Dreamer

23. Answers

24. Fading Music…

25. And the Truth comes out…

26. The Heart of a Mother


27. Rains

28. Stirred

29. Storm

30. Turbulence

31. A War Waged

32. Caged

33. Whispers of the heart

34. Acceptance

35. Ripples

36. The Door to…

37. A Losing Battle

38. The Unheard Melody

39. Awakened

40. Shooting Star

41. Tera Naam Ishq

42. Decisions

43. Nursing His wounds

44. A Melody Gone Wrong

45. Torments – 1

46. Starting Over

47. Torments – 2

48. A Night Like this

49. Torments – 3

50. Inevitable

51. Words and Promises

52. An Untold Story

53. Temptress

54. Light

55. Passion

56. Under the stars

57. A Better Place

58. Dawn, at last – 1

59. Dawn, at last – 2

60. Tattoo

61. Ties

62. Family

63. Visitors

64. A tale of love and loss

65. Untied ends


38 thoughts on “Web Of Love

    1. I know that Aarzoo :* I don’t feel pressurized πŸ˜€ I know it is your love for this story *hugs*
      And about the update I yet don’t get the right feel so I don’t know when it would come 😦

  1. Yaara I have a question…….so which two ffs r connected wth eachother? I was hoping to reread some of ur stuff to build my lost momentum.

  2. naam mein kya rakha hai , whatsoever u use the name , u r most most favorite writer , i love ur writing style and it always leaves me with all emotions . u make me think why relations r so complicated yet so beautiful to feel ,cherish . thnks for link , will love to read from u . u r an awesome writer . sorry i don’t know any more superlative adjective to describe u since in my eyes u r one of the most versatile writer and u touches my heart . keep writing shikha .

    1. Hey Anu, don’t thank me. It is you guys who had made me take my hobby seriously. Had it not been the warm welcome I got for DDE, I might never have written any of these… so thank You, each and every one of you

  3. This is one story which i can read and re read it again and then.. i can read it again ..i have fallen in love with this story so much… No doubt people keep bugging you for updates..but take ur own time because the wait is always rewarded with bestest chapters.

  4. I re-read the entire story in one sitting, and the way you weave the characters & the tales they tell… it really is special. Each character is given their own platform, rather than being sidelined – even Daman & Sarani are as powerful as say, Maan or Geet.
    And the parallel love stories… Vicky & Tweesha, with a history of their own find themselves again whilst Maan & Geet are drawn to each other in ways they can’t deny anymore…
    The mystery of Naina is ever present… I remember Geet recognising Vicky when she first met him, and Naina was involved with someone… could that someone be linked to Vicky?
    Take your time with the updates, S. I never thought I’d say this but I like them being sporadic – it gives us enough time to process and recollect everything, and the wait actually suits the style of the story.

    1. Comments like these touch my heart and I wonder time and again if the story would be the same without you all? I guess not. It’s not just the reviews or compliments of you guys that I’m talking about. The point of compliments is still debatable since I count them as the Ones stemmed from your love from me. That’s besides the point.
      What makes my heart constrict is everytime someone say what they feel after reading it. Web of love is always going to be special and close to my heart for many reasons but the major one will be the tie it had been to bind u guys to me.

  5. Wow… That’s what I can utter. The way you penned down the words made me read your story in the wee hours of the night. Eagerly waiting for the moments that come into geet maan and Vicky and tweetys life. Very well writren.

  6. I had been reading ur story(wfl) for sometime now…thankfully i found It but now iam intrigued…
    u wrote it so well and justified every character , loved tweesha and vicky here most..
    special thanks to mariam becoz of her thread i found u…
    hope latecomer are allowed..

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